Play free adult sex games in a sub male domination theme arcade for slaves run by your fin domme Mistress Shannon!
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Arcade Domination

Slave Game

Hello to all my money slaves, pay pigs and sissy boy pets! Welcome to Mistress Shannon's domination arcade!

The games here are all adult in nature, so you MUST be 18+ to play. If you are NOT old enough to handle it then piss off and don't waste my time!

The rules are very simple and I expect you to follow them! I will issue a challenge for a game from the site and a deadline for entries. I will post a screen shot of my high score and you will have until that deadline to try to beat that score. You MUST pay an entry fee of $10 to play in the contest and, if paying through the mail, the money must arrive by the deadline.

If I win with the overall high score, then the person with the lowest score of everyone must buy me a prize from my wishlist posted on the blog. If YOU win with the highest score, then you get a FREE 10 minute webcam show with me! Proof of all scores has to be in the form of a screen shot pic sent to me at or use the contact form on this site for any questions you may have...

Or see the cum credits game rules for the weekly mini challenges and leave comments on any games you feel would make a good challenge as well.

Guests may play up to 10 free online adult games here, but those with a serious domination addiction must register as a member or sub male slave to continue playing.

Let the arcade domination begin!

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